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Modern Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Ideas

October 26, 2009 By: admin Category: Home Interior Furniture, Interior Design Pictutres, Kitchen Design Pictures, Uncategorized

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Remodelling Ideas_3

These are the pictures of various amazing styles of modern kitchen cabinet that are very good for modern kitchen design. for updating the old kitchen. The pictures also show the arrangement of the cabinets in the kitchen. These can be the inspiration on how to choose the best cabinets that fit the kitchen. These pictures of kitchen cabinets can also inspire you for updating your old kitchen.  The idea of  remodeling the kitchen with suitable cabinets is can also be found in these home interior design pictures.


Pictures of Modern Kitchen Interior Design Appliances and Furniture

October 25, 2009 By: admin Category: Kitchen Design Pictures

Pictures of Modern Kitchen Interior Design and Amazing Furniture

In line with the development of culture and technology, the form of the kitchen is always changing. Modern kitchen planning now follows the triangle principle which states that the 3 main functions of the kitchen are the storage (like a refrigerator), preparation, and cooking. The kitchen which is equipped with modern kitchen set becomes an important issue in managing the home. It may be as important as the arrangement of living room , bedroom and family room . Currently, the pantry not only serves as a kitchen, but also a family gathering place for breakfast or dinner. Activities in the pantry usually involves storing dry food, cooking food practically, warm food, making fresh drinks. The existence of the pantry is very useful because in addition to these activities, it also beautifies the room in the house.

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design with Shades of White Shocolate Color

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Modern minimalist  kitchen design with from teak wood and teak block and doff wrapped in dark melamine
The first thing that we need to consider in designing the kitchen is determining what style we want to use in our kitchen whether colonial-style, classic, or a minimalist. Style should be adjusted with kitchen furniture in our house. If we use the modern kitchen minimalist concept, It is better to use the modern minimalist style of kitchen furniture. the classic style furniture should be entered in to the classic kitchen design concept.

These are the sample pictures of modern kitchen design furniture by JATI WANGI Interior & Furniture that can be chosen in completing your home interior design, especially the kitchen design.