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Modern Home Design by K2Ld Architect

November 23, 2009 By: admin Category: House Design Pictures, Uncategorized

Modern House Design by K2Ld Architects in Sentosa Cove_1
The exterior and interior designs are the two things which cannot be separated in building architecture including house building. The exterior and interior design must be in harmony in order that the are comfortable to live. These are the pictures of modern house design which are very good to become the home design models in architecture. These house design pictures can give you inspiration in planing to build a house.

Design of Miami Beach Home by BDA Architecture

November 15, 2009 By: admin Category: House Design Pictures, House Furniture, Interior Design Pictutres, Kitchen Design Pictures, Living Room Pictures

Design of Miami Beach Home by BDA Architecture_1
These are the sample pictures of amazing home design of the beach house in the Miami suburb of Gold Coast in Australia. This wonderful house is designed by BDA architecture. The exterior and interior design of the house with the 10 m wide x 50m deep across the road from the beach is amazing. These sample pictures of the design of Miami beach house by BDA architecture is a very good house design model that can inspire you on the beauty an the elegance of a house building design. This house has a garage on the ground floor, lounge on the first floor and master suite on the second floor. The living room and the bedroom are designed in such a way that they become the luxurious rooms so that they are comfortable ti live in.

Classic and Modern House Exterior Design Style Pictures

October 13, 2009 By: admin Category: Exterior Design Pictures

Beautiful Classic Home design
Look ate the house exterior design with classic and modern style ! All of the pictures are amazing. You can use these house exterior design models as the inspiration if you are planning to build a new house. It is possible for you to modify the models of the exterior design by combining the classic and the modern styles of houses.