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Tips to Design and Decorate A Small Bathroom

July 24, 2011 By: admin Category: Uncategorized

Tips to Design and Decorate A Small Bathroom: Having a bathroom which is clean and pleasant can enhance the mood while taking a bath before going to work or to other activities. Designing a bathroom in small space needs creativity. The following are the tips to design a small bathroom.

1. Determine Themes
A clear theme will help you find the need for the room. Determining the theme can be started by determining what color you choose for your bathroom. Small bathrooms should not be painted with dark colors. Bright colors will make the room look spacious.

2. Determine Focus
In a small bathroom, it is impossible for us to place a lot of ornaments. Simply specify a single ornament that becomes the focus, for example a wall with patterned ceramic, or a mirror with a beautiful lamp. Large frameless mirror can also be placed on the wall to give effect to a more spacious room.

3. Select Suitable Lighting
Another way to beautify the bathroom is with the right lighting. Choose lights that are not too bright, but not dim. That natural lighting will create a comfortable atmosphere in the bathroom.

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